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Located in the heart of the Historic Loveland District just outside Cincinnati, Paxton’s Grill is housed in one of the town’s oldest buildings and is adjacent to the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. Our relaxed atmosphere and friendly service welcomes you back time and time again! 

Although Loveland, Ohio was named after the city’s first postmaster and early shopkeeper James Loveland, the area’s first settler was Col. Thomas Paxton. Born in Pennsylvania in 1739, Paxton moved to Kentucky in 1790. After having the opportunity to observe the beauty of the Little Miami River landscape, Paxton traveled north and in 1795 settled in the area now known as Loveland.


During the Revolutionary War, Paxton served as Lt. Colonel of the Second Battalion of the Bedford County

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Militia. In 1777, he ate Christmas dinner at Valley Forge with Gen. George Washington and other illustrious military personnel such as the Marquis de Lafayette and Alexander Hamilton. 


Paxton is acknowledged for being the first to build a log cabin in the area. He died in 1813 and was buried in the family graveyard on the farm where he built his first cabin. 

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Thirty-five years later, Col. William Ramsey, a land speculator, laid out the town of Paxton which was partially bordered by the Little Miami Railroad. A few years later, Ramsey laid out the town of Loveland, which adjoined the town of Paxton.


Paxton’s Grill is housed in one of Loveland’s oldest buildings built about the same time that the town of Paxton became Loveland. In January 2000, a few locals saw the need for a family-friendly establishment and purchased this historic building with the goal of providing good food at reasonable prices in a comfortable setting. 


We welcome you to Paxton’s Grill and are proud to pay homage to Thomas Paxton and his early contributions to what is now called the Historic Loveland District.


Due to residents’ frequent stops at James Loveland’s general store, the name caught on and in 1863, Paxton officially became Loveland and new boundaries were established. 


Thank you for joining us and welcome to Paxton's Grill!

Paxton's Logo-01-01.png
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